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No Tank Gas Displacement, No Lockout Tagout

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Company News
No Tank Gas Displacement, No Lockout Tagout
Latest company news about No Tank Gas Displacement, No Lockout Tagout

No tank gas displacement, no Lockout tagout

Accident history:

In July 2006, site operator wang entered the tank for internal inspection. Before entering, he did not carry out oxygen content detection and did not carry out gas replacement operation in the equipment (the way for site operator to determine whether there is gas in the tank is to hear the "hiss" of the exhaust). Just entered after the fall, the upper monitoring personnel found, called people to come to the rescue, then wang and dai then into the rescue, also have fallen. < / p > < p > construction guardian found the situation called for help, the scene of the unit wang tied to the waist and then down to the tank rescue. The scene personnel call 110, 119, 120 alarm, by the fire fighters with breathing apparatus to go down three people rescued from the tank, to the hospital.

Cause of accident:

1. The immediate cause of the accident was the rush for success, the illegal operation, the rush into the tank farm operation and the rescue.

2. The safety management is not in place, and the site organization is unfavorable. After the person in charge leaves the site, he/she fails to implement the safety responsibility and clear the operation plan, and fails to equip the necessary detection means, which leads to the illegal operation and rescue of the employees, which is the indirect cause of the accident.

3. The indirect cause of the accident is the lack of safety education and the lack of safety operation skills and common sense.

Main responsibilities:

1. The safety responsibility system of a company in hunan province is not implemented, and the on-site safety production organization, supervision and education are not effective. The company bears important responsibility for the accident and shall be imposed an administrative and economic punishment of RMB 100,000 yuan.

2. The employee surnamed zhao is the main person in charge of the on-site operation. He did not make the necessary safety disclosure and organize the safety supervision of the on-site operation before the operation, so he is responsible for the management of the accident.

3. Wang and dai should be mainly responsible for the illegal operation and rescue.

4. Impose an administrative economic penalty of RMB 40,000 yuan on the company's legal representative xu.

Accident warning:

1. Strengthen the safety education of all staff, do not become a mere formality, especially strengthen the "three do not harm" education, to link with the actual search for the safety of the post and the risk of accidents, in order to make the staff familiar with the consequences of violation, master the skills of self-protection, develop good work habits.

2. For the personnel engaged in dangerous operations, on the one hand, they should operate in strict accordance with the regulations and technical requirements, on the other hand, they should also learn and master the knowledge of self-protection and rescue others, so as to play a role in the critical moment.

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