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Lockout tagout LOTO

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Company News
Lockout tagout LOTO
Latest company news about Lockout tagout LOTO

Lockout tagout LOTO

In the process of energy isolation, Lockout Tagout is an effective means to ensure energy isolation. However, Lockout Tagout can only prevent inadvertent operation by personnel and cannot protect deliberate actions. Therefore, the locking tag is considered a serious inviolable measure in the process of energy isolation.

The authorizer of the unit to which the energy isolation equipment belongs and the personnel affected by the inspection and maintenance operation shall Lockout tagout of the energy isolation equipment according to the procedure (see Figure 2). The Lockout Tagout of the unit to which the equipment belongs must be installed first and removed last.

If the inspection and maintenance operation lasts for several days, the locking device must be kept at all times during the operation. Subsequent teams must verify the control of hazardous energy sources at each shift. If the Lockout Tagout authorized employee does not remove the isolation device before the end of the work day, he/she shall inform his/her supervisor class leader: if the first Lockout Tagout authorized employee has no equipment maintenance work before returning, he/she shall inform the supervisor class leader of the next shift; If the work is handed over to another authorized employee, the employee at Lockout Tagout at the isolation point must be handed over at the installation site to another authorized employee who takes over his or her job. The authorized staff on duty may install their own locks/badges, or the key shall be handed over to the authorized staff on duty.

Release quarantine and site recovery

After on-site inspection and confirmation by the person in charge of the shift, the inspection and maintenance permit shall be closed according to the operation permit closure process. The on-duty authorizer and the affected inspection and maintenance personnel shall unlock and remove isolation one by one according to the Lockout Tagout and unlocking process to restore the equipment and facilities to the state required by production operation.

Before lifting the isolation, it shall pay attention to the risk control of the isolation lifting operation, handle the operation permit as required, implement safety measures and emergency measures to control the operation risk.

During the execution of energy isolation, each step needs to be coordinated with the corresponding billing, inspection and recording ledger to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the whole process and finally realize the closed-loop management of the process. The certificates and records of energy isolation shall be interrelated with the certificates of inspection and maintenance operation permits.

The premise of LOTO implementation is to develop relevant LOTO procedures, including lock, lock storage (lock, lock station establishment), lock, lock acquisition process and record books, training and certification of LOTO authorizer, LOTO process and other contents. When field conditions do not permit LOTO, alternative protectors must be written and documented to provide equivalent protection and must be as detailed as the LOTO program.

Energy isolation is a systematic method to control and isolate energy sources. The correct implementation of energy isolation can effectively protect the safety of inspection and maintenance workers and equipment and property. The accumulated best practices in the inspection and maintenance process can continuously improve the energy isolation process, gradually reduce the accident events caused by the accidental release of dangerous energy, so as to improve the safety performance of enterprises.


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